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Being a modern day endurance athlete is not necessarily natural or healthy. Sure, some bodies are able to complete these crazy athletic endeavors, but it often comes at the price of an injury. It may not be immediate, but it can build over time. Most of us have some form of experience with an injury that de-rails our training and some of us have had to cancel races because of the injury.

So what does it take to stay healthy while swimming, biking, and running (or any other endurance event)? Well, it often takes doing some work outside of your desired sport to keep your body moving in a healthy, optimal manner. What exactly this entails will often vary from athlete to athlete as well as from sport to sport.

By evaluating each athlete’s individual mechanics and appreciating the demands of their sport we can create a program to help them stay healthy and prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. Additionally, by addressing sub-optimal movement dysfunction one can improve efficiency and performance while completing their desired sport (you go faster!). We want to specialize in creating programs based on your individual needs and mechanics to keep you healthy and achieve your athletic goals.

The Elements of the program will be key to keep you healthy. The Elements to a healthy, holistic training program may include a pre-hab physical therapy routine based on your individual mechanics, massage therapy targeting areas of tightness or restriction, a specific strength program aimed at improving physical resiliency and enhancing performance, as well as an individual training plan tailored to your athletic abilities and goals.

All of these Elements are necessary for a healthy athletic experience while achieving optimal performance. Be Healthy. Be Resilient. Maximize Performance

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Your training plan is comprehensive based on assessment of physical components and training goals. You will have access to a physical therapist, sports massage therapist, as well as strength and endurance coaches with combined over 20 years of experience. We manage your training program with a high level of detail and commitment. Each athlete will go through an in-depth assessment and consultation in order to determine exactly what they need to do to reach their goals, stay healthy, and be the best they can possibly be.


Jonathan Garcia with Elements Training Co. has been my cycling coach for the past 4 ½ years. In the beginning my goal was to get into good enough shape to start racing both road and mountain. We started with strength and on the bike training programs. Over that time I have seen a 40% increase in power, a marked increase in endurance and an increase in finish positions of 10 places on average. He has also worked with me on the strategic, mental, emotional and the nutritional side of competitive cycling. His experience as a professional cyclist, runner and massage therapist have helped me reach my goals and get through many trials and tribulations of the sport such as injury, low motivation, poor finishes and stress. What I appreciate most about working with Jonathan and Elements Training Company is he focuses on the whole package (Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Nutritional). This approach allows us to modify training and racing based on how my whole state of being is at any given time. I feel this philosophy sets him apart from other coaches/trainers in this field. I value his friendship, knowledge and patience (he has had to have a lot of this with me!) and plan on continuing our partnership into the future. I would recommend Elements to any athlete wanting to improve performance both on and off the competitive stage.
Scott Hearne, Cyclist

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